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Part time vacation (CA)

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  • Part time vacation (CA)

    I work at a movie theatre is southern california and i talked to several of my managers about taking time off for a family vacation. I told them that i might be absent from work for 2 weeks or more. They all told me that "If you take off more than 2 weeks from work, youre going to have to quit, and then get rehired when you come back"
    What i want to know is, is this credible information that my managers are telling me? Or are they making up some sort of rule off the top of their heads? Or is this actual information that the chair-people of AMC theatres have written in their legal part time employee clause?

    Another topic i have is one of benifits being taken away. I took a weekend off to work at another part time job i have. upon return to my job (the movie theatre job that i had to take the weekend off) i called in to watch a film. (free movies is one and if not our only benifit that we get). So i came in on Sunday nite with prior permission from a manager that it was ok to come in a watch a movie. Upon my arrival at my place of work, a manager pulls me into the main office and proceeds to tell me that i "cannot watch a movie because i requested the day off from work, and that its not fair to other people that had to work that day to come in and watch a movie".

    I told them that it was all wrong and that they cant take away a benifit from me and i also used some prior times where this same incident has happend such as "what about that time i was in Boston on vacation and i called in to this AMC to watch a movie? Did i not have to request time off from work to travel? Whats the difference from then and now?"

    I just need some justification on these topics and I hope that there is someone out there that can help me out with these, especially the first topic i wrote about.....

    thank you.

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    Vacation in CA

    Unfortunately, your employers have the right to do as they have done. The terms of offering the benefit of free movies is up to the employer. The same is true of setting a maximum time off of work.
    Lillian Connell

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