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  • Volunteer/Paid

    I apologize in advance if this is not an issue affected by labor laws, but I did not know what else it would fall under.

    Within my company we work with per-diem and volunteer instructors. These instructors report to and are hired by my supervisor. I only assign them classes.

    My mother currently volunteers for us as an instructor. I requested that we placed her on pay roll (due to recently loosing a paid instructor) and I was advised that we could not hire her due to nepotism laws. They told me that she could only volunteer. A couple months ago my mother was in my position at my company and I was a paid per-diem instructor. No policies or processes for instructors have changed since I took over my mother’s position. I reported to who is now my current supervisor and my mother assigned me classes. I questioned them why I could be paid as a per-diem instructor why my mother was employed full time and I was told an "exception" was made for me. Both volunteers and paid instructor go through the same process of being "hired". They have the same job description and both have to complete applications.

    Can they deny paying an instructor but allow them to volunteer?

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    Well, I see the inconsistency in what you are saying. Basically, they were willing to do that for you, but not for your mother. Maybe someone said something about that and they were told to not do anything like that in the future in case they were audited. I do not see where it should be a big deal so long as everyone is qualified for the work they are doing, which seems to be something independently verified. You are in an at-will employment situation also, so I would be careful, less they decide to not want to pay you too.


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