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Singled out because of Weight

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  • Singled out because of Weight

    My employer is in the process of instituting some radical new health and wellness policies. Soon every employee will have to take a health evaluation to determine how they can lead a more heathly lifestyle. Also the CEO/owner has indicated that after a reasonable period to allow smoking cessation, smokers will be dropped from the health plan. During the rollout meeting to management (60+ management member's present), The CEO/owner had me stand up and asked for the group to indicate by show of hands who knew me when I started 12 years ago. Most had been around that long. The CEO/owner then asked them to indicate by raised hands how many thought I had gained 10lbs, 20lbs, 30lbs 40lbs, over 40lbs. Then asked me how much I had gained. I was humiliated, the others were horrified, and now it is a split between a big joke or they feel sorry for me. Senior Management is trying to push the incident away, but no one has even apologized. I am embarrassed to walk around the office because I feel like everyone is looking at me. Is there any course of action I can take, or do I just have to live with this?

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    what a jerk.

    I am sad to hear you work for such a schmuck. So far as I know, there isn't any law against being a schmuck, unfortunately. I've heard California is pushing a "pychological harassment" bill. So maybe in the future there will be recourse for this sort of thing. If something comes up with the "health & wellfare" policy to indicate disability discrimination, that's another matter. Good luck.


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      While I am horrified to hear what happened to you and believe that your CEO is an incredible jerk, he did not violate any laws. I am very sorry he felt he could do this to you.

      He WILL be violating the law if he drops smokers from the health plan.
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