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Was I wrongfully suspended - TX

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  • Was I wrongfully suspended - TX

    Okay, this is about my wife, not me. My wife works for a Family Practice Clinic that has about 75-100 employees in Houston, TX. Well she and another person are in charge of scheduling appointments. Well, the other person saw that another employee had been in over the weekend and he went into her file to see what she came in for. It turned out to be Harpies. Well, he ended up telling my wife and other people around the office about this person’s problem. Well, word spreaded fast with gossip and it got to upper management. The guy ended up admitting what he did and got terminated. Well since my wife was one of the people he told, she got suspended for a week without pay. Another person got suspended without pay as well, but she was called back a day later and got paid for that first day she was gone. But nothing has changed with my wife. She just went back to work today and they haven’t made any sign any papers or anything, just a “Good to have you back.”

    This does not seem legal to me. At my job, we get a written warning for wrongdoing, suspension then last termination. I ask, because all the managers at this clinic did not do to school for their positions, nor have previous experience, so it seems to me they are doing my wife wrong.

    Is this legal or not and is there something I can do to get my wife compensated for that week? I don’t want her to get fired, just treated fairly.

    Thanks, David

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    Disciplinary Suspension

    Employers have the right to discipline an employee as it sees fit, unless it is a violation of law, such as discrimination on the basis of age, race, religion, gender, nation origin, disability, etc. It doesn't sound like that was the case with your wife.
    Lillian Connell

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