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PA - Gave resignation then asked to leave

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  • PA - Gave resignation then asked to leave

    I was wondering, I was told by different people different things. I am hoping that someone can help me. I got into an argument cause of some things that were being said around my work and management wanted me to apologize. I said no I did not think it was right and instead I told them I was quitting. I later sent her an email and said I was giving official notice that May 15th would be my last day. This took place on April 8th. So then on the 15th I was called in again and she ackwledged the email and said that she spoke with the owners and they feel it was best if the 15th was my last day and paid me for that week I had worked and 40 hours for the next two. That is still two weeks shy of my resignation date. I was showing up on time and working as hard as I could. My immediate manager was happy with my work and I did nothing from the time I gave my notice till the 15th to be terminated. Someone told me that I would be eligible for the other two weeks pay and also it was mean another paid vacation would be owed to me. I also have had to cancel several doctors appointments that would have been in May since I should have had coverage but since they told me not to worry about coming back they also canceled that at the end of April. Is this fair, someone said since I kept my work up they had not reason and I am owed that money if I wanted to pursue it.

    The manager who told me they decided not to have me work those weeks exact words were, "I have talked to the owners and we agree it would be in our best interest to make today your last day."

    I appreciate any help that I can get and how I should proceed. Pennsylvania is the state I live in.

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    I forgot to let you know I was with the company for 8 years and was not on bad terms up to this point. Went to conferences in baltimore and had some disagreements. Came back and people were saying stuff about how I was unhappy which I was and it got blown out of proportion and they felt I should apologize for everything that was being said. Though it started with a remark being made towards me.


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      Not being able to work through Resignation Period

      Unfortunately, your employer has the right to terminate you immediately. (FYI - they did not need to pay you for the time past the date of termination.)
      Lillian Connell

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