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Big fight with boss

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  • Big fight with boss

    Im from texas and I work for a cleaning company. I have been employed for 1 yr and a half, when i started it said $8 an hour in the paper, when i asked about the pay he said $7 for the first six months and then $8 an hour. After being there 6 months he gave me $7.50 and thats where ive been ever since. I had a confrontation with him because he blamed me for something that i had no control over, and then taunted me about quiting, so I left. I wrote out my two weeks notice and went to work the next morning only to be sent home. He always made comments about me needing "midol" and we walked in on him looking at pornography on the computer. Also for the last year i have had problems cashing my paychecks, even at the bank. And my income tax that he takes out is outragous, i claim married and one. I made $360 dollars and he took $60 of it for taxes, and has never taken medicare out since i started. My husband made $600 and they took $79 dollars and it was for ss, income, and medicare. so i think he is stealing my money through the taxes. I have noticed along with the other girls that some hours will be missing and miles also. Can you please give me the info I need to get it taken care of. Thanks

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    For information about sexual harassment, you can look at However, keep in mind that a single incident of harassment will probably not seen as an issue that will be pursued by the EEOC.

    As far as shortages in pay is concerned, you can file a claim with the state. The process to file a claim with the state may be found at:
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