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Wrongful termination?

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  • Wrongful termination?

    I live in WV and my 18 year old son was fired from his job today. He worked for Exxon (gas station) The reason for him being fired was "inventory loss" which to me is a pretty way to say stealing. Rest assured my son has never stolen anything. A big part of the "inventory loss" was cigarettes and my son doesn't smoke. There are only 5 employees (2 smoke and 3 don't). My daughter works at this same store and she and her brother have been there for about a year. The manager does inventory once a month and for some reason seems to have singled my son out as the perpetrator ( she also already had a friend who she wanted to hire but needed to get rid of someone first.) She hired her friend this morning and fired my son when he got to work for his 4:30 - 10:30 shift. I'm just wondering if we have any recourse whatsoever since none of the other employees were fired or even questioned about this supposed "inventory loss". My son is concerned that this is going to affect him when he goes to apply for other jobs because he is will have to put that he was terminated. I was wondering if this might be considered wrongful termination--due to defamation of character or something like that? Any help would be greatly appreciated as my son is pretty devastated.

    Thanks, Dream

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    I feel so bad for your son. It is amazing at how callous some employers can be. I would consult with an attorney. Most will offer a free initial consultation. Or, you can check into low-cost or free local services in your community.

    In any case, I believe that a letter, preferably from an attorney, would be sent to the employer, saying something such as any false information provided about the terms and conditions of your son's employment will be pursued fully under all avenues provided by the law.
    Lillian Connell

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