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Just Bad Management?

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  • Just Bad Management?

    Over the last few years my non-profit company has undergone some rather drastic changes, a new CFO, Controller, CEO, etc. The CFO, who I'm under is the worst manager ever. She is constantly cancelling meetings, not following-up on issues, etc. I reported directly to the CFO for about a year until they hired a replacement for my former boss. It has been a very stressful environment. We have had some poor performers in our AR dept, but my hands have been tied, when it comes to hiring qualified staff, since our pay scale is so pathetic. Recently, we under-went the layoff of about 30 people, representing 1M in salary. My staff which was already struggling and understaffed by 1, according to industry guidelines, was cut 40%. It does appear my area was targeted, we took the single largest hit in the company. Based on the CFO's poor management & neglect over the last 2 years, it feels pretty personal. In the severance packages, one of the things you had to agree not to sue for was "intentional emotional harm". I was also told that a list of all positions that were considered for elimination was given to the staff who were layed-offf. This list included position titles and the birth date of the person holding that position. I heard my position was on that list, but no one notified me of this. Is there a violation of any law here or is this just a case of poor management? I work in the state of Alabama

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    Poor Management

    Companies who are well-informed about the requirements of laying off persons, some of whom may be over the age of 40, will often provide data similar to what you mentioned. The list will include information about the positions that are being vacated, the birthdates of the incumbents, etc. Still, these list do not usually include the name.
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