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Opinions please (CA)

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  • Opinions please (CA)

    Today I received a complaint from an employee. The employee was upset because one of our vendors made an inappropriate comment to him. She (the vendor) was with one of our managers (#1). They were approached by another manager (#2) and an employee (#3). #2 asked #1 about an applicant, and #2 asked #1, "Is he a good guy?" and the vendor said something like "What difference does it make? Look at the type of people you hire?" and pointed to the employee #3.

    This vendor doesn't have a relationship with the employee (they may have met once before), but has worked for her company for 13 years or so. She did not indicate that she was joking and my 3 employees were shocked by her statement. The employee was obviously hurt.

    There is a difference of opinion on how we should proceed. I will refrain from giving my opinion because I'd rather hear yours than for you to agree with me. Also, let me know this could impact us legally.

    HR Tracy

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    As you probably know, no laws were broken. The vendor just showed very poor judgment and poor manners.

    I would work with the manager/person who contracts with that vendor. While the relationship with the vendor doesn't have to be terminated, it seems that you will want to ensure that the vendor knows that your company does not appreciate these types of comments. If the vendor is really an employee of a vendor, your company may just want to register a complaint with the vendor's employer.
    Lillian Connell

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