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Old ticket adjustment - money taken from me

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  • Old ticket adjustment - money taken from me

    Hi all - Thanks for the replies in advance...

    I work for an oil field service company. I get paid a salary plus a % of each ticket that I write (i.e. 1.5% of a $15,000.)

    Four months ago I received the biggest bonus I had ever made with this company. I was on double bonus (for completing more than 9 jobs in a month) and ended up making about $1900 on this ticket. Last week I found out that they are going to take back some of this money because they decided to adjust the ticket simply because they feel this company I did the job for paid too much (although they paid standard ticket price.)

    See, the ticket ended up so big because we were on stand-by time for three days. This means the crew and I were away from home in a hotel for three days. This company reserved us so they knew they would have someone (because things are very busy right now) to do the job. When this happens, the company reserving us must pay stand-by time for the crew and the truck/equipment because we could be somewhere else making money.

    Well, my company decides they didn't need to pay that much. Now they are adjusting the ticket (four months old) and are also going to take money away from the crew and I and pay us the new ticket price (which we have already been paid for so we will actually lose money from our paycheck.) In my case, this is going to be close to $1000.

    Is this legal?

    How can they know I am not broke?

    Your replies will be greatly appreciated.

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