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2 week notice in Florida question

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  • 2 week notice in Florida question

    Last week on Wednesday, I gave my two week notice- on Thursday the employer created a hostile work environment, including one of my bosses calling me a prostitute for "trying to leave them", I was cornered and they attempted to intimidate me into staying, even asked to see my employment paperwork with my new employer- all of which I refused. On Friday, a portion of my paycheck was withheld for bogus reasons- they said they, "got my sick time screwed up" yet refused to cut me another check for the difference. The hostile environment and partial payment- I told them I would not be coming back after that day.

    Now, Monday, I am receiveng voicemails from them telling me they are going to sue me because I signed a contract which stated I would give them two weeks notice if leaving the company. Is this possible in Florida? Anyone know what my options are?? Thanks!!

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    Good thing you found a new place to work doesn't sound like the management there was to bright.

    Florida is an "at will" state, an employer can terminate, and an employee can leave without notice at anytime.

    Take a look here for more info-


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      You can be held to a contract term if it is a valid contract. If the contract specified that you had to give two weeks notice and then you didn't, you could be found in breach of contract.

      However, your former employer cannot withhold pay as punishment for violating the contract. Even if you had agreed to a deduction of pay should you violate the terms of the contract, you are still required to receive a rate equal to or greater than minimum wage.

      You can contact the US Department of Labor at: for information on how to contact them.
      Lillian Connell

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        I did sign a contract stating that I would give them 2-week notice and I fulfilled that- and once I served them notice, is when the harassment started, the incorrect paycheck, and now, threatening voicemails (I checked the times, they were left on the weekend, before I even had a chance not to show up on Monday), etc...


        today they contacted my new place of employment & harassed a fellow employee & my boss- making all sorts of assertions & claims which just aren't true- and my former boss tried contact my mother of all people today, called her and tried intimidating her as well. All this happened towards the end of this day. I'm contacting the police & a lawyer about this... yuck. I wouldn't wish this on an enemy. It's embarrassing and upsetting.



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          You are doing the right thing by contacting the police. This is definitely going to far.
          Lillian Connell

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