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Vacation and Termination in Florida

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  • Vacation and Termination in Florida

    My husband worked for the same auto dealership in excess of one year in Florida. At the time he was hired, he was verbally told that one of his benefits was one week paid vacation after one year of employment. The company does not have an employee handbook.

    A couple weeks ago, he scheduled his vacation for October and was approved. The company let him go on July 1, due to a change in management. He was told that if he resigned versus being laid off they would see about getting two weeks severance and his vacation pay.

    On July 8, they paid his severance, but declined paying vacation. They also deducted customer charges (almost 50%) from his pay check for monies they had not collected from customers for car rentals.

    Is there anyway we can recover any of this money from the company?


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    He may have some recourse regarding the payroll deductions but no employer is obligated to provide severance pay and Florida does not have any regulations that require employers to pay vacation upon separation.

    Your husband may contact Florida's Department of Labor (the Agency for Workforce Innovation) and see what they advise regarding the customer charges. If your husband is paid on a commission basis, that may be lawful however. The DOL can advise you.


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      Thanks for your prompt reply. It just seems wrong that an employer can use a benefit as part of a compensation package, but does not have to deliver on their word.
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        At least he received some severance pay. They weren't obligated to provide that either.


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          a better way to go

          A suggestion for future use....if you quit you can not collect Florida or anywhere I know of...however if they lay you off or fire you for no fault of your own, you are entitled to the pitiful little unemployment provides but it is something and if I am not mistaken you can collect for up to 1 in the future don't QUIT.


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            Collecting for unemployment is not an option we can afford! He has already found another position with a firm that actually has an Employee Handbook and does pay accrued vacation if you are terminated before being given the opportunity to take your vacation (that was earned)!


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