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  • bathroom

    it the bathroom next to the brake room is legal so far I know bathroom can not be in the brake room .but the question is the room the we ate is the changingroom. we talk the manager he said is legal . and we telling thas is inhumane. cause employee coming in. and out. of bathroom who can I sand the picture I took couple days ago. also is ilegal for me to recorded any conversion I have with him I think he got something against me becouse I have talk about this issue. and awere him to dont have any action against me
    becouse I was telling the rigth thing but I dont tink he took the way

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    Are you asking whether it is legal to have a restroom close to the breakroom? It is legal to do so.

    Or, are you saying that the place you have to eat in is the changing room? In most cases, yes, unless you have an employment agreement, such as a Collective Bargaining Agreement, that states otherwise.

    As far as secretly recording anyone, you may be violating state or local laws on privacy issues.
    Lillian Connell

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      As far as recording your conversations, it depends on what state you are in. Where are you?


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        in california
        changingroom and the brakeroom are the same.where we eat is next to the bathroom is 2 step from the table . seeing employee coming in and out is very discusting. why the manager and the employee staff eat inside the office
        thas discrimination. I need good answer thank you.


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          forcing to work on my days off on c.a.

          the maneger has the right to put me to work on my days off. I dont think so
          I know they will pay me overtime. but I tell theme I dont want to work on my days off. but they told me they can write me out or they fire me, it look like thread.


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            Forced Work

            Your employer can require you to work on those days, unless the reason for those days off are issues such as your religion. In addition, there are issues should the employer require that you stay at home in order to receive a call from them letting you know to come into work.
            Lillian Connell

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