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Non-reimbursement for required supplies and consistently late payment of earned wages

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  • Non-reimbursement for required supplies and consistently late payment of earned wages

    I work at my home in California as a remote employee for a business located in New Jersey. My employer has required me to purchase services and equipment in order to work, but has never reimbursed me for these purchases. Every time I speak to my employer, he tells me that reimbursement will come with my next paycheck; however, my employer has told me this every two weeks for the last three months, and to no avail for me. Also, over the last eight months of working remotely from home, I've only received my paycheck on payday three times, though the paycheck does eventually come, usually three to four days late (and conveniently for them, this happens over the weekend so my money gets to stay in their bank account). I am not alone in this situation. Seven other remote employees in California are experiencing the same problems. Do we have any rights? What can we do to be reimbursed for the purchase of required services/equipment, and furthermore, what can we do to get paid on the day that our employer has designated as "payday"?

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    California Payday

    The answer is yes and probably yes. California requires that employees are paid on the designated payday. In addition, materials for use by the employee for the benefit of the employer must be reimbursed if they fall under California's definition of "hand tools required by the craft." You can read about paydays in California at: You can read about payment of business expenses at: Since the definition of "hand tools" is vague in the printed materials, I recommend you contact the state about the issue of paper, photocopiers, etc.
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