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underage labor

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  • underage labor

    I work in a franchised Hotel in Cali. west coast. For the past two years I have been observing an eastern- european family ie: father, mother, kids relatives who are contracted out(by a cleaning company) to deep clean the restaurant kitchen starting at 12:00 at night. I have personaly seen kids at young as ,what I can tell, 9 or 10 operating buffing machines and scubbing floors. I obviously am aware that a industral Hotel Kitchen is a dangerous enviroment.I know that this has been brought up to upper managements attention about this sub contracted company who is in charge of cleaning at night, but nothing has been done about it. I am not very pleased with the reaction of the management company who runs the Hotel. I guess my question is how much is the management company resposible for sub contrancted situations like this on their property. How much trubble can the Hotel get into for allowing this to happen and what would happen to the family in this case. And last and not least what route would I take in turning the company in for this gross violation. Thanks

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    Child Labor

    There are standards required of the use of under-age minors at work. You can read more about child labor at: As may be seen, there are a number of restrictions against using child labor.

    As far as the hotel's liability is concerned, they can be held liable - if they are aware of the use of minors in their kitchen area.

    However, aside from the legal side, your concern and action may have many negative affects on that family. Reporting them will most probably harm their ability to earn money that may be needed to protect the family. Please don't get me wrong. I believe that the child labor statutes are very important as they protect children against abuse. I just want you to think about all of the ramifications of your actions and the best way to handle it.
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