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Overpayment Responsibility?

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  • Overpayment Responsibility?

    Hello. I am working for a temp service in Tennessee. The temp service called me today and told me they overpaid me on my check and paid me for 40 hours instead of 4 hours on a Monday assignment. The 6 hours each on Tuesday and Wednesday were the counted as overtime. Giving me 40 regular hours and 12 overtime hours instaed of 16 hours total. When they contacted me, they told me I could cash my check(checks are mailed Monday and received on Wednesday) but I have to send them a letter in the morning authorizing them to deduct this overpayment from my future earnings. 1)Do I have to repay this overpayment that was their error? 2) What if I do not sign a letter authorizing them to deduct from future earnings. 3) I was offered a full time job in 2 weeks. What if I do not
    work enough in the next two weeks to cover it if I was responsibe? Thanks in advance for any help about my rights on this situation.

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    Technically, they can take all of the overpayment back, even if you don't sign the paper. They just can't take it from your account.

    You could avoid paying it back by not working for them again. However, that wouldn't be very ethical. Further, they can go after you for the repayment through collections, etc.
    Lillian Connell

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