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Docking Salaried employee pay

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  • Docking Salaried employee pay

    I have a debate with a friend here in Ohio. He says his boss heard an salaried employee say a four letter word in the lunch room and came out & said he was going to dock him 3 days pay. This is a large publicly traded company. The boss later said he'd use this as a warning. I told me friend I didn't think he could just unilaterally dock 3 days pay from a salaried employee anyway. My friend insisted he knows the law & the boss sure could. He said they can dock any amount of pay they want for anything they want such as they don't like the shirt your wore that day. He said that since Ohio is an 'at will' state, they can dock your pay for any reason as well. I told him NO WAY is that legal.

    Who is correct here?

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    Docking of Exempt Employees

    Though an exempt employees salary cannot be docked for minor infractions of company policy (or, for that matter, anytime the manager is upset with the employee, as in the example you provided), their salary can be docked "for penalties imposed in good faith for infractions of safety rules of major significance; or for unpaid disciplinary suspensions of one or more full days imposed in good faith for workplace conduct rule infractions."
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