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Very confused on Unemployment

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  • Very confused on Unemployment

    Hi! I'm new here. I live in Georgia. I have a situation I have never had to deal with before and I think I am still in a bit of shock.

    I worked for a one-man company (with me it was 2) for one year and one month. We both worked out of home offices.

    At the beginning of Jan he told me he couldn't afford to continue to pay me my salary and that he wanted to pay me 67% LESS than my former pay, but he would pay me cash and non-taxed instead and wanted me to file and collect unemployment to supplement that salary. I was very shocked and confused and didn't know what to do. He flat out told me he could no longer afford to pay me.

    For 7 business days I continued doing work for him but had determined I was not going to file for unemployment as I felt that was something unethical and quite possibly illegal. He was giving me Fridays off and I had determined I would spend those Fridays trying to interview for new jobs.

    On Jan 13th I had met with him to go over some business issues and he handed me a letter (dated Jan 7th) saying I was laid off effective 1/1. I put it in my bag and didn't say anything. At the end of the meeting he handed me $500 cash and asked if I was going to file and I told him no, I wasn't comfortable doing it. He had told me on the phone previously that he had done it before and he "knew 25 other people that had done it as well. There is no way you can get caught." He even offered to give the cash money to my husband if it would make me feel better.

    I told him I didn't think I could do it and he said to be sure to let him know if I decided no, because then he would go ahead and pay me by check so he could at least use me as a deduction of some sort. I left the meeting in a daze.

    The following Monday (1/17) I sent him an email saying I couldn't work for such a low rate of pay (a cashier makes more and he expected me to do sales and create a marketing plan!) and that I would pack up his belongings to come get them.

    I went on 1/18 with the layoff letter he had given me and filed for unemployment LEGALLY. I have been interviewing for jobs since and have several good leads.

    Yesterday I received in the mail a letter for GA Dept of Labor that he is appealing my unemployment benefits saying that I quit. Where they had typed "Employer Separation Notice was furnished" he had written "NO!" and included a letter stating that yes, he laid me off on 1/1 but that he subsequently "immediately" offered me work at that low rate (7.50/hour) and I did it for two weeks then quit. He sent a copy of my email stating I couldn't work at that rate and come to get his stuff and wrote on that it was a "resignation letter". He included a copy of a check he wrote to himself on 1/31 and under "For" was listed "Reimbursement of cash payment" for the first two weeks of January for me.

    I have never filed for unemployment and I am really nervous about all this. Who do I talk to that can offer me assistance? I think this man is complete scum and I'm afraid if I do something wrong he might get away with this!

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    You should go to the hearing with your explanations and the letter he gave you. Explain the situation, including the cash offer. While you may not win, at least you gave it your best shot.
    Lillian Connell

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