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False Imprisonment Nevada

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  • False Imprisonment Nevada

    A well know retailer requires employees to have there personal bags searched upon leaving the store.

    If the employer uses language like, "you can't leave the store until your bag is searched," then does this at all get close to a claim of false imprisonment? Does the employee have the right to decline the search, can they be detained in any way, i.e. security personnel standing in front of the door. I understand that the employee may be disciplined or fired for refusal to submit to the search under certain circumstances. Also, in this case, the employee agreed to a bag search policy as part of their employment. Am I correct in assuming that any search requested by the employer may be declined, and the employee may be fired for doing so.

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    This is not even close to false imprisonment. Yes, employees may be fired for refusing to allow their bag be searched upon leaving.
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      If the store has reason to suspect you have stolen, it can also call the police and have you arrested.


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        If it is required as part of employment to check, it is not false imprisonment. False imprisonment would be if you were needing to leave and was kept from leaving when you are sick or have an emergency.


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