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part time employee vs. full time employee Illinois

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  • part time employee vs. full time employee Illinois

    I work for an Illinois public transportation company as a part time bus driver. The company has worked me an average
    of 36.5 hours per week since July 2016....9 months. I have been told that if a company works an employee an average of 30 hours per week for 13 weeks, they have to offer the employee full time status. Is this true??

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    No idea. That is not a federal law. It might not be a state law. What it sounds like is some number out of one of their benefit plans but you need to read the plans (different for every company) and see what those say. Start with the medical and 401(k) plans, although such a rule (assuming it exists) could be in an of the plans.
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      agree that Fulltime is pretty much defined by your employer except in rare instances that the government has stepped in and made specific laws for time periods for coverage (1000 hours in a 401k plan, FT status under PPACA that depends on the employer picking a measurement period, Overtime wages after 40 hours in a workweek under FLSA, 1250 hours in the last year for FMLA coverage, etc). You need to look at each benefit/law to see who is eligible for that specific benefit -- and like DAW states, that is usually in the plan document or SPD.

      Otherwise, it might just be employer policy if not and then it is up to the employer who is covered (say paid vacation time, etc).


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        No. It is not true.
        The above answer, whatever it is, assumes that no legally binding and enforceable contract or CBA says otherwise. If it does, then the terms of the contract or CBA apply.


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