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Emergency days etc. Virginia

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  • Emergency days etc. Virginia

    I'm not sure if I'm posting in the correct section, I apologize if I am not.
    My employer has started taking 8 hour emergency days from employees who are one minute late. These people are rarely ever late or call out. I had to leave for one hour today because of an emergency. I work 9.5 hours on Monday's.. I got my entire 8 hour emergency day taken from me for that one hour. My normal hours Tuesday through Friday are 8 hours. We have a point system and I figured they would take one point from me. I've only had to leave one other time in the past year and come back to work. I'm never late and I don't call out very often maybe once or twice a year and it's always for illnesses with my children.. Not because I don't want to work. We have other employees who have 20+points and still work there. We are only allowed 10 before we are supposed to be fired. Il We also have a suggestion program where employees can earn points to redeem prizes. The catch is, the employee has to do it and it has to be off the clock, and if we get hurt in the process of implementing our idea of improvement, we get fired. Is any of this legal? It doesn't seem right to me. I'm concerned for my coworkers as well, I'm not the first person to have this done to.


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    There are no laws that require your employer give you any emergency days at all, therefore they control the policy on how and when they are used. Unless you happen to have a CBA that covers it. They can take away any day you wear a red shirt or cowboy boots. They can take away a day because you are chewing gum.

    As for the reward points and working on a suggestion off the clock, I suspect the "fired if hurt" is only put there to get employees to think before they act on an idea that has not been approved. The exact circumstances would have to be detailed to know if it would (1) be considered work time and (2) if the injury would fall under WC and be protected both in medical bills and retaliation from termination. Not the smartest idea by your employer, but not illegal until something actually happens and they handle it incorrectly. The policy is meaningless until implemented.


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      OK thank you. I was just wondering, they keep making policy changes without informing us.

      The improvement program has to be something beneficial to the company. Save money, lower scrap, increase production, safety, etc. It could involve something as simple as moving a table or something that could require the use of power tools. We aren't allowed to submit the improvement in writing until the work is completed. Honestly, they don't want to hear about it until you do it. I'm not sure if we could even get approval.


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        Again, nothing you cite is illegal. It is legal for the employer to be really stupid. It is legal to have really dumb comp and benefit plans.
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          That's really nice.. Oh well, what can be done other than to sit back and just take it. Thanks for clearing that up for me.


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            Originally posted by Kookoococoapuffs View Post
            That's really nice.. Oh well, what can be done other than to sit back and just take it. Thanks for clearing that up for me.
            You can also look for another job.


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