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CA- Can my employer dictate where I park if it is public parking? California

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  • CA- Can my employer dictate where I park if it is public parking? California

    Hi there-
    Can my employer dictate where I park if the lot in question is public parking?

    A little back story:
    My employer sent an email asking us not to park behind our restaurant (public parking, not owned by the business) but rather in the dark and sketchy parking lots located on the next block. When I parked where they told me- my car along with 3 other co-workers car (on separate dates) all got broken into. So I began parking behind the restaurant again where it is well lit. My manager told the owner I was being defiant so I brought it up to the owner that I 1. didn't want to continue parking where cars were repeatedly getting broken into and 2. I felt unsafe walking to at night ( my shift usually ends around 11-12 at night). He got upset and said I was going to be written up and then fired the next chance they got.

    Is this legal?
    It goes without saying that I am looking for a new job but still can they dictate where I park? and write me up when I bring up concerns about my safety at work? and lastly, threaten to fire me the next chance they get?

    Thanks for the feedback,

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    Under at-will employment, and absent a contract that specifically dictates otherwise, your employer is legally free to fire you for pretty much any reason (including where you park), except for a reason prohibited by law. Prohibited reasons include things like your race, gender, age, religion and/or disability; where you park is not a legally prohibited reason.


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      Yes, yes, and yes. None of the things you've cited comes close to an illegal termination.


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        And it is very common for employers to ask employees to NOT park in prime customer spots. Haven't you ever wondered who all the cars belonged to that were parked at the edge of the Mall parking lot?


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          Is there possibly public transportation? If you feel unsafe walking to your car, can several of you walk to the lot together?
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