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Employer giving an option to work full-time or remain part-time Illinois

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  • Employer giving an option to work full-time or remain part-time Illinois

    I've been working for a transportation employer for about a year. Before getting hired, I worked out a deal where I get medical insurance and benefits to work 4 days per week. It's great, I work anywhere from 10 to 14 hours per day as a Non-Exempt Interstate CDL Driver with OT after 50 hours. I've can work from 36 on the low end to 54 on the high end for a 4 day work week. I'm coming up on a year of service and suddenly my supervisor says, "They called me and I can't remember what they specifically called it, but since you are classified as part-time we have 2 options for you. If you stay part-time 4 days per week you will have to be limited to 39 hours per week. Additionally, if you want to work more hours you would have to work 5 days a week. Everything else stays the same. We like you, you do a great job and we would love to have you work more hours but you have to decide which option you want. Think about it over the weekend and we need an answer by Tuesday" Whoa! I tried to ask some follow up questions but it appears the supervisor is just being told what to do and say not trying to understanding the reason.

    So my question is what is going on or why would this all of a sudden become this emergency issue needing to be addressed immediately?

    My understanding is there is another employee working the same 4 day deal and they need to present the same options to that individual.

    Just puzzled and pondering.
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    You'd have to ask your employer/HR as to the reason for the change. we can't really guess as there are lots of reasons -- may be due to some eligibility for benefits such as health insurance, etc. I'd be a little concerned if you pick the 39 hour option to make sure you keep eligibility for health insurance especially. Especially since you are now at the 1 year mark and that is often the eligibility for things like 401k/employer match, etc.


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