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California- Employer charging employee for mandatory training from the employer

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  • California- Employer charging employee for mandatory training from the employer

    I work for a family owned beauty salon that resides and was incorporated in CA.

    On Saturday, April 11th, I completed my probationary 3 months at this workplace and my employer gave me stellar performance reviews.

    My employer is preparing to terminate me as of yesterday, April 13th, because I rejected their mandatory demand that I pay $2,500 for mandatory training from the owner of the beauty salon to learn threading of eyebrows.

    I told the owner's that I do not feel that I should pay the owner's for mandatory training, that would clearly and directly benefit the business.

    The original employment agreement stated ambiguously and vaguely that: "I am willing to take training" without stating what type of training is required or the cost of that training.

    I believe this contract clause is unenforceable because it is in direct violation of the 1) Fair Trades Labor Act as it relates to paid work training, and 2) violates Federal and California Wage and Hour laws because I would be making less than minimum wage during these proposed training hours.

    After receiving my response that I refuse to pay for training, and that I refuse to resign on my own without being fired, the owner's proposed that I sign a contract to work for the owner's for 5 years and receive the training for free or pay the owners $3,000 if I leave before 5 years is up.

    The current longest employee of this business has only been there for 3 years and everyone else at this business has not been here for longer than 2 months.

    Thank you for your time and help.

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    I'd find a new place to work. And I would not sign any documents regarding any willingness to repay them at any point. If they terminate your employment for failure to take their training that must be paid for (and that wasn't something you knew in advance), you might have a shot at unemployment benefits.

    Do they offer this training to non-employees? Is it similar in training to what you would receive at a beauty school? Would they terminate you if you chose to take the same training elsewhere? They can force you to take paid training to keep your employment especially if there are licensing or certification issues unless you have some type of written agreement/contract that states you do not have to do so. The employer can add a new requirement, but again if you are terminated, you might win an unemployment case/appeal. A good prior performance review might be helpful for you to prove this is the specific reason you are being terminated.


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