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shift pay employee. no overtime paid. Florida

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  • shift pay employee. no overtime paid. Florida

    I receive a shift pay to work. $50 whether I work 4 hours or 20 hours the pay doesn't change. However, if my employer feels that I haven't worked enough hours that day, usually at least 4 hours, they cut my shift pay in half and only pay me $25. Is this legal? And what should I do? They can fire me for anything and they would definitely fire me for rocking the boat. I'm just a bartender, so I'm not in charge of anyone or in any kind of management position. I feel that I should get paid the shift pay regardless of how many hours I work, and they should be paying me overtime, but how do they figure a rate if I don't have an hourly rate, but rather a standard shift pay?
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    Short answer is "maybe". This is not an external labor law requirement but a company policy. I have not read the company policy and FL is not a very good state to have a labor law problem. So I do not like your chances. Sorry.
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