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Reorganized and in Limbo Nevada

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  • Reorganized and in Limbo Nevada

    I made a discrimination complaints about my male manager and about the same time, the company reorganized the department & I was moved to work for a certain group without giving me any option on which group I would like to work with, within the same department. I have a new male manager now. I don't know if the other employees were given any options, because no one was, or is talking too much. I am supposed to help the other groups, the other groups help my group too; they have separate meetings; but no information is shared or disseminated about the meetings. I just feel ostracized and segregated; even though, we all work together in the same department and everything appears normal. The head lady that reorganized the department left and a new head lady is coming over soon.

    I am concerned that I was placed on a dead end project by the first head lady in collaboration with my old manager, where I will be busy for a while; but, when the new efficiency head lady starts running reports; she will say, I don't think, we need you anymore because you are not too busy; no wonder, most of the work will have automatically migrated to the other groups!

    Is HR required to provide me with the criteria used to move employees around when they reorganize if I request it?

    Is making a discrimination complaint and then getting reorganized to a dead end project enough of a smoking gun for a retaliation case, or I need much more information?
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    I doubt you have a case here based on what you posted. Can you prove you were put in a certain group & didn't have a choice of a group due to you making a discrimination complaint about a manager? It seems you don't know if others were given a choice of a group - they might not have been either.

    HR or no one needs to inform you of the reasons/criteria used to move employees around when an reorganization is done. (unless you have a binding employment contract that they must)
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      That's going to be hard to prove if they reorganized everyone in the group.

      You state that "I am supposed to help other groups", so what I would do is document in writing (emails,etc) to both your manager and other managers in the department that you have requested more work or that you see in x days/months that you will have extra time to be helpful on another project or with another group. Being proactive will help show anyone new coming in that you are trying and I would copy her once she is there. And she might just do her own reorganization once she looks at the reports.


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