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Disclosure of electronic pays tubs Federal

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  • Disclosure of electronic pays tubs Federal

    If electronic paystubs are available online, what obligation does the paystub website company have to disclose information to individual employees? My paystubs from last year are with a paystub website company that will only send me a password through my old work e-mail address or refer me to the phone number of a person who is not currently working at my old company.

    If these were medical records, a company with a copy of a person's medical records is obligated to provide medical records upon request of the person. Is there a similar law for financial records?

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    There are no federal rules on paystubs. That is state law only.
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      Agree with DAW. Federal laws don't require a paystub at all. That said, most employers do provide them and state laws do come into play.

      In your case, you need to go back to HR/payroll directly at the ex-employer. Since you are terminated, you might not be covered in their contract with the 3rd party provider and whoever you are speaking with might have outdated information on the contact. Hopefully they will provide you with the copies you need. I find asking nicely and offering to pay for postage/copying helps. They should have access to at least some payroll records that can help you out. Demanding and being upset that you can't access them on the other website may put it on the back burner. Because at some point, I suspect you signed something stating that it was your responsibility to pull and save/print the paystubs from the website in real time...possibly on the same form they used for direct deposit authorization (again state dependent).


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