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Makeup hours when taking vacation? Maryland

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  • Makeup hours when taking vacation? Maryland

    Hi all,
    I have an interesting situation. I work for a defense contractor that holds a cost-plus DoD contract. They have recently verbally informed employees on the contract that they expect them to work overtime to offset vacation hours taken. I think is is wrong for many reasons. 1. It seems like a revocation of the vacation benefit. It is not really vacation if you have to make the hours up. 2. The employer wants to maximize their hours billed on the contract as it is cost plus. They seem to be are doing so at the expense of the employees and the government. It seems they are passing the cost of vacation directly to the customer 3. The makeup hours are usually filled on shifts that are already fully staffed. This means that the person making up hours has no functional purpose and does literally no work. The government not only pays time pays time and a half for these extra hours, they get no work.

    This just seems unethical in so many ways, but I am scared to say anything about it as I have no idea what they can legally do. Please advise.

    Thanks in advance for the time and thoughts.


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    It is probably legal, even if it is poor management. As long as they are paying OT as required by law, they haven't committed any wage violations.
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