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I need some help- Arizona

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  • I need some help- Arizona

    So I'm trying to figure out if my boss (franchise owner), is trying to force my hand in quitting. She suspended me for one week without pay (without even telling me), she just stopped putting me on the schedule. I'm now 3 weeks in and still haven't been on the schedule. The reason I got suspended isn't even true, I'm a busser/dishwasher at a small franchise restaurant and she says I didn't leave my station clean. When servers buss their own tables they put it in a dirty dish cart. My shift ends at 6am (I didn't clock out until 6:20am) and the next busser didn't come in until 8am, so I don't know what she expected to happen during those 2 hours that no busser was even there at the restaurant.

    Anyways, what should I do? Write to corporate? Talk to a lawyer?

    I want to talk to my other supervisor (who I'm on good terms with) but I can't ever find out when she comes in for shift.

    And don't worry everyone I'm looking for different work as we type.

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    Your boss has done nothing illegal, so contacting a lawyer won't be productive. Writing to corporate might produce positive results but not necessarily - corporate is not legally obliged to respond to (or even read) your complaint.

    The best thing you can do for yourself right now is apply for UI.


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