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Employer Policies - CA California

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  • HRinMA
    When I am asked for policies, some are verbal policies. So there is nothing in writing but historically it is how things are handled.

    Some companies don't want written policies because they want to make decisions as they go and not be held to one policy.

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  • eerelations
    Employers aren't legally required to provide their employees with copies of policies. In fact, employers aren't legally required to have policies at all.

    Not being psychic, I am unable to determine the actual reason your HR Director is refusing to provide you with copies of your organization's policies. However, here are some possible reasons:
    • there aren't any policies;
    • she doesn't feel like it; or
    • it's your employer's policy to keep the policies secret.

    My esteemed colleagues here may be able to come up with some other possible reasons. You might also consider asking the HR Director why she won't give you copies of the policies.

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  • confusedNcali
    started a topic Employer Policies - CA California

    Employer Policies - CA California

    Are employers legally obligated to provide copies of their policies (e.g. sick/vacation, disciplinary, etc.). I work for a small nonprofit (15-100 employees). I have repeatedly asked the HR Director for copies of the policies (by email) and she has simply refused to provide copies of the policy guidelines.

    What reason would an employer have to not provide a copy?

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