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Fired but not notified Indiana Indiana

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  • Fired but not notified Indiana Indiana

    I was suspended for walking out on the company RN after becoming concerned she was not acting in my interest. As I left I stated I would make my complaint about this health issue with OSHA. She later claimed I intimidated her because I was standing over her. No threats of harm or vulgar language was used. No gestures of any type either. Only the I will go to OSHA statement. I was sent out several hours later and denied requested union representation at the time. After 7 days they called me in for a meeting and I had union rep. I was accused of intimidation. After the meeting they said they would make a decision. 7 days later and no notice from the company.
    I believe OSH wihistleblower statutes have been violated. Also Indianas Intimidation statute IC 35-45-2-1 Sec. 1. (a) (2) was violated by them and not by me although intent could be hard to prove. People take actions without intent of doing harm. No charges have been filed against anyone.
    Now the rumor mill says they are discharging me but have not notified me.

    Can they be held lilable for lost income while they keep me in the dark as to what is going on?

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    I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that you're company is probably treating this as a "suspension" while an investigation is done. As far as being liable for lost income while an investigation is being done, that would depend on what your union contract states regarding situations like this.


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      I don't see any OSHA problems in either of your threads. I do see WC violations - and the way to fix that would be to file a WC claim yourself. In addition, I don't see anything illegal about your termination, so your recourse for that would be via your union.


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        Suspensions without pay are no different than being laid off. Go file for unemployment.


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