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Union representation

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  • Union representation

    I am a teamster union employee. My employer called me into the office to ask me some questions about an investigation. Should they have asked my shop steward in? I didn't ask for representation and they didn't offer. They did not discipline me but I was present when an incident occurred so I was part of the investigation.

    I found weingarten rights online but it says I have to ask but not sure if that's it.


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    If your employer was just asking you some work-related questions, why would you need union representation? Union representation isn't required for every single employee-employer interaction, if it was, business would grind to a halt.


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      Agreed. Even under Weingarten, your employer is not required to offer you the option of having a union rep present. The onus is on you to request to invoke such a right.

      My one disclaimer is that your union agreement *may* specify a procedure for investigations. If that is the case, then the employer is bound by those terms as are you. You will have to ask your union or read your CBA to see if this is mentioned at all.
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