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Company refuses to pay for damage to my own vehicle during work

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  • Company refuses to pay for damage to my own vehicle during work

    I am a dog walker employed by a dog walking company in BC, Canada. Recently a dog chewed through the seatbelt of my car - a $350 repair. My employer refuses to pay for the damage. I just always assumed (how dumb) that either the dogs owner or the company would pay in such case. It is tough to hold the owner of the dog reliable as there were more than one dog in the car at the moment and it would be hard to prove that it was this one specific dog although it only could have been one from where the dogs were positioned. This dog has not been identified as being destructive and therefore no preventative precautions have been implemented from my side (for example muzzling the dog). We are getting paid $0.25 CAD / km and nothing else for using our own vehicles. Does anyone know about whether the company can be held liable for this repair?
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    This site is primarily for US law. However, it's your lucky day - I am in Canada and can advise you. Unfortunately, though, you won't like what I have to say - I am 99% sure there are no laws in BC that would force your employer to pay for your seatbelt repairs. If you want to be sure about this check the BC employment standards website (I don't have it at my fingertips but it will come up if you google "BC employment standards").


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