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Hostile work environment Colorado

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    OP what people are trying to tell you here is that your boss isn't doing anything illegal and therefore if she retaliates against you for complaining about her perfectly legal activities, her retaliatory behaviour is perfectly legal too. Why aren't you getting this?


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      I am seconding what cbg said. A boss can be an out and out jerk, yelling and screaming but unless she is violating a state or federal law she can do as she wants.

      You have given no information to show illegal actions. This is a typical case of you and your boss not getting along.


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        Originally posted by TSCompliance View Post
        There are some EAP services that are not just clinical/counseling services. For example, my company offers us EAP services that include limited legal advice, estate planning, childcare and elder care planning, retirement planning and transition, as well as counseling about work-related stresses.

        If this "diagnosis" of a HWE came from an EAP counselor/social worker, then it's understandable that they probably have no idea what the definition of a HWE is. It's like going to your hair stylist and getting advice on your transmission.

        If this "diagnosis" of a HWE came from an actual EAP lawyer or legal advisor, then they are grossly incompetent in their role, and need to be reported to whomever at your company contracts with them.
        Agreed. I have implemented EAP's that included legal services (with bonafide attorneys), among the other things you mention. Clearly that's not the case here though - if the OP had been speaking with an actual attorney via her EAP, she undoubtedly would have gotten accurate legal information.


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          The bottom line is there is nothing illegal being done by your employer based
          on what you posted.
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            Agreed. If this manager is simply a world-class jerk there is nothing illegal in their behavior. Unless your manager is singling you out because of a protected characteristic per the link above, her activity is legal. Not nice, not fair, but legal.

            You would be wasting your money to hire an attorney, and any attorney that agreed to take you on would be a waste of money.

            You would be better off learning to work with the boss, ignore the cr*p, follow instructions and do your job to the best of your ability. Meanwhile, look for another job.


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              I would rethink going to HR. Tattling on your boss is not likely to improve your relationship with her. I'd suggest going to your boss directly and asking for a meeting to discuss your performance and her expectations.
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