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Scheduling Conflicts - Lack of Respect for available hours? Michigan

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  • Scheduling Conflicts - Lack of Respect for available hours? Michigan


    How do I begin to ask this question. I work for this company and I was hired in as a Part time associate. I'm also a Part time to full time student. Lately ( past 6 months ). My employer has been completely screwing up my schedule. I understand that the employer has the last say in when and how many hours I work. I understand that it is out of respect that they work around your hours.

    During this last 6 months, I've been scheduled at 39.9 hrs every week. Randomly I will come in to work and I will be asked to leave because I've gotten to close to 40 hrs. One or twice is okay, but 3 times in a row...????

    .... Now on to my other problem.

    Like I said earlier I'm a part time college student. Because of the work hours, I've failed one class out of two and missed about half of each class due to work. Is there any type of Michigan law that protects me under this.

    I've even been called in to work on non-work days due to fellow employes calling in sick or what not. I'm fine with that. I hope this would happen if I could ever do it.. ugh... One time I told my boss- I'm sorry I can't cover her shift- at that point I was threaten with termination.

    I've talked to my boss and he laughed.
    I've talked to his boss and he said its my problem.

    I'm currently looking for another job but because of the job market here in Michigan I can't find anything worth chasing- mostly because of the Pay vs Distance to Drive ( gas)

    One thing I would like to add that really ticks me to living hell off.... is.....

    Where I work we have 3 managers... and we have a bench of part times...... And we have one full time. The full time works an avg of 27.7 hrs a week. This person has full benefits and makes any where from 25-35k a year. I work 39.9 hrs a week and I get 7.45 and hr... whats wrong with this picture?

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    Unless you have a binding employment contract to the contrary, your employer
    can keep your hours per week under 40 -- you also have to work whatever days
    & hrs. your employer tells you to.
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      There is no law in any state that would prohibit what your employer is doing. You were hired as a part time employee and he is keeping your hours part time. As you yourself point out, he is not required to schedule you for only hours that are convenient for you.
      The above answer, whatever it is, assumes that no legally binding and enforceable contract or CBA says otherwise. If it does, then the terms of the contract or CBA apply.


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        And at $7.45/hr, I really doubt it would be hard to find a job that pays comparably. Fast food joints pay that and they can't be too far from your house and school.


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          Sounds to me like you're screwing with your employers schedule! As someone who has owned businesses and scheduled employees at other places of business...availability of employees is a gigantic PITA!
          Not everything in America is actionable in a court of law. Please remember that attorneys are in business for profit, and they get paid regardless of whether or not you win or lose.

          I offer my knowledge and experience at no charge, I admit that I am NOT infallible, I am wrong sometimes, hopefully another responder will correct me if that is the case with the answer above, regardless, it is your responsibility to verify any and all information provided.


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            Originally posted by CatBert View Post
            Sounds to me like you're screwing with your employers schedule!
            I don't think that is exactly representative of the situation. As someone who was hired under the pretext of PT work, is working FT hours, and is essentially on call 7 days a week for next to no pay, the employee is the one who is being "wronged" by the employer in this instance, not the other way around.

            But the question was if this treatment was legal, which of course it is.


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