Not sure if I have the correct forum so please redirect me if needed. Scenario: Employee strains back while cutting wood over the weekend, comes to work on Monday, tells no one, supervisor tells employee to move a bunch of 50lb boxes, employee works 1/2 day moving boxes, then states back is too sore to continue working and needs to go see dr. and NOW tells employer of prior weekend injury. Had the employer known, a Fitness for Duty Release would have been required and modified duty provided if possible.

Can an employer REQUIRE an employee to report non-work related injuries or illnesses? The employer is not looking for the medical specifics at this point, just that the employee has an "issue" that may prevent them from performing the essential duties. The reasons are 1)to protect the employee from further injury and 2)to protect the company from a w/c claim if the injury/illness is aggravated at work.