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NY - Penalties for Collecting UI while living abroad

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  • NY - Penalties for Collecting UI while living abroad

    After 25 years of work, I became unemployed in June and began to collect unemployment benefits. In September I moved back to my homeland in Bangladesh, but continued to claim unemployment. Recently, I received a notice from the NY DOL stating that they suspected I was out of the country and they were going to withhold my benefits until they completed a review of my file. I realize what I did constitutes fraud and just wanted to find out exactly how much trouble I am in. I do not intend to contact the DOL, and was wondering how on earth they can establish exactly when I left the country.

    For whatever it is worth, I am near retirement age, have given up on the job search, and do not particularly want to return to the US. While what I did is technically illegal, I do not feel morally culpable, and feel I was entitled to collect the benefits since I was ready willing and able to work in the event that any one ever contacted me with an offer. If the DOL demands the money back for the 6 months that I was out of the country, there is no way I can pay them back as I don't have any income or liquid savings and was just going to wait out the 5 years until I can draw on my IRA and 401k. Any advice for my situation will be much appreciated. I am particularly anxious to find out the penalties that can be imposed.

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    If you pay it back, not HUGE trouble, in that they're not going to put out a warrant for your arrest. The penalties are generally going to be related to not being able to collect UI in the future, for a specified period of time.

    Are you a US citizen or resident alien?

    "Technically illegal" is the phrase here. "Morally culpable" is irrelevant.
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      Thanks for the response, Pattymd. I am a U.S. citizen.

      Well, paying it back is HUGE trouble in my situation, though not as huge as going to jail, I suppose. I guess I should just wait it out to see if they are able to determine when exactly I left the country? Speaking of "technically", if I return to the U.S., I am technically entitled to continue to collect unemployment through September, under the extended benefits. Since I am no longer going to claim benefits, would a discontinuation of my claim count towards a repayment, or is it simply annulled on account of the penalty?

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        Are you looking for work? If you aren't, you aren't eligible anyway.
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          Yes, I look for work but at this point I'm not kidding myself, but I do go through the motions.


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            The State Department knows exactly when you left the country. All the UI office has to do is ask.
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