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North Carolina, Boss breaking the law? what to do? North Carolina

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  • North Carolina, Boss breaking the law? what to do? North Carolina

    My roommate is a young 21 year old female who doesn't know what to do, and may or may not fight for her rights. Assuming that what she tells me is correct, which I believe then what can she do with these following things going on:

    She works for a sub franchise that advertisements praise fire fighters, she has been working there for almost 4 years as a manager.

    The owner constantly harasses her verbally, calls her and other employees stupid, idiots, etc. He will not fire anyone he just cuts their hours tell they quit, he does this so that "they cant file for unemployment."

    He has been slowly cutting her hours in hopes that she will quit. Also today he said that she is receiving a pay cut because she got another ear piercing, this makes for a 3rd piercing in that ear, the others which had been there since she started.

    This guy has also tried to dock her pay when some kid stole a floormat that is placed outside the back door.

    Can he dock her pay for the 3rd piercing? Can he just cut hours tell you quit so you cant get unemployment?

    What are her options?

    shes trying to find a new job, but as alot of us know this can be hard at this time.

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    The law does not require an employer to be polite and to not call people names; it only requires that people not be singled out for this treatment on the basis of a protected characteristic. It sounds like this guy treats everyone badly, so your roommate is not being singled out.

    The state decide who gets to collect unemployment, not the employer. If a person's hours are cut enough, they may qualify for partial unemployment for the lost hours.

    Barring an employment contract guaranteeing hours and pay, an employer is free to reduce hours and reduce pay so long as it doesn't drop the employee below minimum wage. Personal appearance (such as piercings) is not a protected characteristic in North Carolina, so the employer is not breaking any laws there.

    It would be illegal to dock her pay for the theft.
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      As Marketeer said, she might qualify for partial UI benefits for the reduction in
      hrs./pay. *She definitely should not quit.* You "generally" do not get UI if you quit.
      If she looks for other employment, she should do so while still working & only quit
      after she gets another job.
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