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Was threatened by co-worker/supervisor... now he wont train me.... and now what?

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  • Was threatened by co-worker/supervisor... now he wont train me.... and now what?

    This may seem weird... I kind of do not understand it myself...

    I work as a straight commission salesperson. My office is a satelite office with only 4 employees, me being one of them (the other three have a very close bond as they all worked as a team for a major competitor and came on as a group). I was told when I was hired that it would be vital that I get along with the other salesperson and it seemed in the interview as if he would be my supervisor. No problem, at first, until I started working.... as I quickly discovered he IS EXTREMELY COMPETITIVE and had claimed EACH and EVERY account within a 200 mile radius. 90 % of them he does not work, had never had any contact with them and all fall under a Company Policy as "OPEN to work accounts", only I am to get "his OK" to work them 'as courteousy"... well its been awful to put it mildly.

    On one occassion I happened to accidently call a customer he HAD actually been working with that he hadn't locked into our computer system, and my salesman co-worker (kind of unnoffical supervisor who is supposed to be training me) verbally assaulted me by email and voicemail complete with SCREAMING THREATS to get me fired, words like "you f'ing C___" and he left at least 7 of these types of messages. It was shocking.

    I forwarded the messages to our corporate office Human Resource Department - and they sent him to 'anger management". While we actually get along - he has since completely and utterly "abandoned" his training of me as have his HIS GIRLS- I am completely utter and totally alone in making expensive mistakes which COULD in fact get me fired. I have attempted to ask corporate for training and have attempted to explain that they have me training in the olympics with Tanya Harding and her henchman.... BUT the big wig Managers somehow someway end up taking me to "the wood shed" for even asking for help.

    Its very very odd and I know that I cannot possibly get help from management unless I want to get fired. I am not sure if I should bring human resources into this again or what I should do.

    I dont want to quit - I have BIG monies coming in...

    OH I wanted to add that after this happened he told me he will not help me, that he does not get paid to give up his accounts - to train or lead. So I asked him if I give him a percentage of my sales would he help - or give up the accounts (that per Compan y Policy really ARE open accounts) and he said YES.... so now I have to pay him a percentage of my commission. When I told a big wig manager - he told me "you gotta do what you gotta do"
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