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Breaking confidentiality

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  • Breaking confidentiality

    Is it possible to break confidentiality, due to extreme psychological/emotional pain and distress?

    Thank you so much.

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    You are going to have to be a lot more specific. Not about the " extreme psychological/emotional pain and distress", but rather which labor law you are talking about. There are actually a rather small number of laws that have a confidentiality requirement in the first place, and those laws that I am familiar with do not have an "extreme psychological/emotional pain and distress" exception.

    What type of information are you talking about? If you can tell us that, then someone can probably point you to the legal requirements for confidentiality (if any) associated with that information.

    General extreme confidentiality requirements are not labor law at all, but more like medical information or priestly related. I can think of some labor law rules affecting medical information, but none that I have ever heard of the exception you named.
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      Your IP address is Canada - this is a US law forum. (+ you didn't give many details)
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        I am a Privacy Officer in Canada and so can provide guidance on Canadian privacy laws. However, I will need much more information, including:
        • what is the confidential information being broken?
        • who is breaking it?
        • how are you affected by this?

        If you can answer the above questions, I may be able to provide you with the information you're looking for.


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          I was involved in an incident at work, in which other people were also involved and implicated in breaking company policy.


          I'm sorry I had to edit this post for personal privacy. Thank you for understanding.
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            Not all information is legally confidential. Please describe the incident and the information you divulged to your friend.


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              I'm sorry this has been tough on you.

              The way I see this is that you were informed to not discuss the situation with anyone at work or you would be fired. You did and you were fired.

              Were you under treatment for the emotional and stress issues, and if so, was the employer aware of this?

              Also, what exactly was the situation, and what did you tell your co-worker?

              It was a bad idea to tell the person who said you would be fired if you told someone, that you told someone. That was asking to fired in my opinion.


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