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Hostile work environment-Arizona Arizona

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  • Hostile work environment-Arizona Arizona

    I was the Manager of Housekeeping, a couple of girls complained about me for retaliations. They stated I would write them up if they went above my head to complain and that I would fire them if they asked for a transfer from Department. Neither which is true. My CEO told me to have a meeting with my girls which I did. Now he is saying he didn't say that and the conversation was suppose to be private. I talked to each of the girls as I was told? Each one denied saying anything. I wrote down their answers and had them sign a paper. I called my Chief HR and set up a meeting because I was being harassed on a daily basis with my CEO constantly slurring me with comments. They found out I had a meeting with my Chief HR and now all hell has broke lose. They demoted from Manager to Housekeeping (humiliation) and knocked my pay down 5.00 an hour. I am seeing an attorney Monday morning and filing and grievance against him. I have worked for this company for 6 years and have 0 turn over rate in my department.
    My question is: Can they legally demote you after you have spoken to the Chief HR?

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    Yes, they can, because there is no law against it. Obviously, the "girls" were believed over you. That is unfortunate, but it is not illegal.

    I don't know what you think you have a case for, but I don't see any illegal job actions taken in what your have posted.
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      You mentioned filing a grievance. Are you unionized? You're recourse would be through your union - not an attorney.


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        Can they legally demote you after you have spoken to the Chief HR?

        Yes. There are some sitution specific exceptions but they do not apply here based on what you have posted.

        Any recourse would be through your union. The law has not been violated. We have no way of knowing if your union contract has.
        The above answer, whatever it is, assumes that no legally binding and enforceable contract or CBA says otherwise. If it does, then the terms of the contract or CBA apply.


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          The girls that I am speaking of have had several write up for stealing. I went to my supervisor and reported and all that was done was write up and one day suspension.
          And one of them has had several complaints from Resident about things coming up missing and all my supervisor did was have me move her from one building to another. This is the characters of 2 of the girls who are complaining. When I tried to tell my side of it my CEO screamed at me calling me a liar about 2-3 times. They won't hear my side so I talked to my Chief HR who has all the documentations and write ups.

          I went to an attorney because my Chief HR told me to write out a grievance on this and I'm not sure how to do that and want it right and sound professional.

          No this is not union and yes it is unfortunate that they believe them over me. I have been a good manager for 6 years there.


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            Just as a matter of semantics, "grievance" is normally used in a union setting.
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