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Unethical Boss California

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  • Unethical Boss California

    I am unfortunately in a situation where I am forced to work with someone extremely unethical. He is the owner of the company so I really don't have anyone else within the company to report him to.

    First, he employed a number of employees full time as "independent contractors" even though they worked out of his office. He did this to avoid paying payroll taxes.

    Second, when he did switch to payroll (because a disgruntled employee threatened to report him), he didn't get workman's comp. It wasn't until someone in the office was hurt, that he got WC.

    Third, he regularly hires people who are illegal to work for him. Not too long ago, he hired a girl w/out a social security number. He said she was 17 although I don't believe it. She looked much younger.

    Fourth, the office is filthy and cluttered. There isn't a clear path to walk most of the time. It is a major hazard. I took pictures. Paint has sat in the bathroom for months. The office is so cluttered, something spilled (pain thinner or some sort of toxic chemical with overwhelming odor) and because of the clutter, the spill couldn't be located and the toxic fumes lingered for days.

    I don't have time to list every thing of an unethical nature that I have witnessed n the time I've worked there. But those are the big no-no's that I can recall off the top of my head. I'm wondering who I would report each case to. My boss has a history of not paying people who quit. I am diligently looking for work elsewhere and I expect it will get ugly when I do leave.
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    You dont have to get a raise. Legally, as long as you get minimum wage and any legally required OT, thats all that is required.
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      Agree. There are no laws that mandate raises (except for minimum-wage earners when the minimum wage goes up).


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        Agree, raises are not guaranteed except for min. wage earners when min. wage goes up or unless you have a binding employment contract guaranteeing then.
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