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NONCOMPETE, Need help - may be terminated tomorrow Illinois

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  • Pattymd
    Mr. Pink gave good advice. I wonder, though, what exactly are your concerns with signing this document?

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  • Mr. Pink


    You are seeking legal advice on an issue of contract in the State if Illinois. Specifically, can an employer require an employee to sign a non-compete agreement with consideration of continued employment and $250. You need the advice of an attorney licensed in the State of Illinois to both 1) review the terms of the non-compete agreement and 2) explain your options to you based upon the law of the State of Illinois. You do yourself a great disservice in thinking that the responses you receive on an anonymous internet web site will provide you with sufficient information for you to truly make an informed decision as to whether or not to sign the document.

    My advice is to find an attorney in your home town that might be able to review this document for you ASAP.

    Good luck.

    Mr. Pink

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  • NONCOMPETE, Need help - may be terminated tomorrow Illinois


    I have a tomorrow deadline to sign an employee contract/non-compete that was given to me last week. I have been an employee of this company for years, and I have not been required to do so in the past. As the current terms stand i am not comfortable signing it. If they do fire me, I would like to know if it is legal for them to do so based on this. They have stated that they would terminate me directly based on not signing. I will attach he email

    Basically, Im asking if I have grounds for legal recourse if they do decide to terminate me. Thank you much for anyone that answers, also If any one wans to to take a look at the contract, I can Provide. Thanks Much
    Troy -

    I am writing this e-mail in regards to the employment contract (deleted) is requesting I enter into. I apologize for my delay in requesting the following information in digital format, but your comments yesterday about the severity of the situation - which I hope I misunderstood - have placed me in an unfortunate situation. I have been tardy with signing and returning the document to this point due in large part to the vagueness associated with many of the critical issues associated with the document, and I am seeking professional assistance in determining exactly what the contract will due for my future.
    The following are critical pieces of information that I require in writing with repsect to the contract.

    1 - My options with respect to signing or not signing the document.

    RESPONSE: As we previously discussed, Wally has determined that in order to protect our business interests, it is necessary for every employee of (deleted) to sign the attached Employee Contract Agreement. At this time, you are the only employee who has yet to sign such an agreement. If you choose not to sign this agreement, we will begin the process of hiring a replacement to fill the logistic position you currently hold.

    2 - The time frame / deadline associated with completion of the agreement.

    RESPONSE: Wally has asked that this matter be finalized no later than tomorrow, Friday January 21, 2010. While this may seem short notice, you will recall that we have been discussing this for several weeks and, with reference to your Pt. 4 below, at your request, I did e-mail you an electronic copy of this agreement last Tuesday January 12th.

    3 - The compensation or guarantee (deleted). is offering should the contract be returned, unedited, by the above designated deadline.

    RESPONSE: As consideration for your signing this agreement, we will issue you a $250 check. Furthermore, we will begin the 2009 employee review process in the next week or so and, as we discussed yesterday, you will be part of that process should you still be a member of the NPI team.

    4 - A copy of the contract in digital format that I can forward on to legal representation for appropriate interpretation, analysis, and potential modification/clarification with respect to the language utilized.

    Attached again


    Finally, I truly hope that you choose to remain with our team…you are certainly an asset and I have enjoyed watching your professional growth over the past year since you became a full time salaried employee. In any case, I look forward to putting this matter to rest and turn our attention to improving our logistic system & concentrating on growing our business. Thanks again

    Thank You.
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