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Scheduling Concerns in New York

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  • Scheduling Concerns in New York

    I am out of college by two years and started to work an entry level minimum wage job that has always seemed to have excellent opportunities for advancement. Pay your dues, show your dependable and start climbing the ladder. It is a full time job, which I guess I should be fortunate for as most of the work is covered by part timers, and as we watched business slow due to the worsening economy I had to take up part of the overnight shift as part of my work week in order to stay full time and at 40 hours. Now, for close to two years, I have been working all three shifts in some combination each week and haven't heard of any advancement opportunities yet. Seeing as how I have been Jet-lagged 7 days a week I am thinking of moving on but I had a few concerns.

    1) I know I am not due a promotion despite my qualifications or commitments to my job but no other full-time employee works this type of schedule other than those that are salaried and yes I am still at minimum wage hourly.

    2) If another full time hourly employee goes into overtime, not a rare occurence either, my schedule is the one most likely to be shaved down by a few hours every week while they will remain at 40 hours.

    3) Usually once or twice a week I will have 8 or 9 hours in between shifts. Just enough time to nap and head back in.

    I know none of these are serious offenses but it seems likely that they are trying to get the convenience of having me work anything they want without worrying about the budget for hourly employees. Would I have a good case to start asking for what I want or should I pack up and leave?

    Any advice, reality-checks, slams or flames are welcome.

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    1. Poor employee relations, perhaps, not illegal.
    2. Ditto.
    3. Ditto.

    Sometimes, it's the old "squeaky wheel = grease". Can't hurt to address it.

    In this economy, I sure wouldn't leave one job until I had another one to go to.
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      It does certainly sound that way but actually I have won employee of the month several times. The reason for that might be that the turnover rate is kinda high and many of my cooworkers don't stick around for more than a couple months.

      I should say more about their lack of sensible scheduling ability, you're right about that.




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        Unfortunately, "employee of the month" doesn't pay the rent, unless it also includes a monetary award.
        I don't respond to Private Messages unless the moderator specifically refers you to me for that purpose. Thank you.


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