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Question on Dress Code - Ontario Canada

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  • Question on Dress Code - Ontario Canada

    Hey guys, I have searched for this info and can not find anything specific. I live in Ontario Canada, Durham Region Area.

    The company I work for has a dress code. We must wear black pants, with steel toe shoes, both of which we can buy from where ever we want as long as the pants are black and the the shoes are certified. BUT, we must buy there company shirts/sweaters because it has the company logo on it.

    Here is my problem - recently they decided to go to another company for the uniforms & they also changed our company store name (which means new logos). They have given us until January 1st 2010 to BUY the new uniforms with the new company logo, if u do not have the new company uniform after this date, then you will be sent home and not allowed to return until you have purchased them (because the old logo will no longer be acceptable), and the uniforms are almost double the price now. PLUS, the old uniform company had sweaters we could buy, but this new uniform company does not, only long sleeve & short sleeve shirts. This is not acceptable for me because our store deals with frozen foods and dairy products and the new uniform material is almost the same as a hockey jersey. We must work inside of a large walk in freezer and walk in fridge wearing that?

    Why do we have to be responsible for paying YET AGAIN for all new uniforms when we already paid for the ones we have? We didnt ask for the company to change its name. The uniforms are not even being sold to us at a discount price either. One t-shirt alone is $32 dollars. And to make matters worse.....the only people who are full time employees are management, everyone else is part time. Some people will have to spend there entire pay check on there uniforms because of the ridiculous prices now.

    Are they allowed to make us buy all new uniforms even tho we already spent our money to buy there company approved uniforms? Should they not compensate us in some way?

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    Unfortunately, the law in Canada and the law in the US are very different, and we do not have any Canadian law experts here. In the US, there could be up to 51 different answers to your question as laws on who pays for uniforms are all over the map, literally.

    You need a like board to this one, but for Canadian law. I don't know of any off hand but if I can find one I'll post it for you. And of course, if anyone wanders by who does know the law for Canada/Ontario they are welcome to post it.
    The above answer, whatever it is, assumes that no legally binding and enforceable contract or CBA says otherwise. If it does, then the terms of the contract or CBA apply.


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      Might this help you any - The employer is responsible for making decisions about dress codes, uniforms and other clothing requirements. An employer may make a deduction from wages to cover the cost of a uniform, or other clothing requirements if the employee has signed a specific written authorization permitting the deduction and setting out its amount.

      However, a dress code can't violate a collective agreement at the workplace, the Ontario Human Rights Code or the rules under the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

      Here's also a link that might help you. -
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