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Final paycheck...Live in PA....employee for a company in Florida

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  • Final paycheck...Live in PA....employee for a company in Florida

    I am hoping someone can help me with figuring this out. I live in PA but worked for a company, as an employee (with full benefits), that is located in Florida, as a transcriptionist. I worked for this company for over 4 years. I am having problems receiving my last paycheck from the company. My last day was July 31, 2009. There have been 2 payperiods during this time. How soon after I had quit should I have received my last paycheck? I did give a 2-week notice.

    In Pennsylvania, there is a statute that states it should have been the first scheduled payday after I quit, but in Florida, there is no statute. That is where I am confused, as which statute does the company legally have to follow? I paid ALL my taxes is PA, so, should it not be PA laws that the company must follow. PLEASE help so that I can get this resolved!! Thank you!

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    Did you actually work in Fl. or work in Pa. (such as at home) for a co. located in Fl.? Since you paid all taxes to Pa. sounds like you worked in Pa. You go by the state where you worked. If Pa., you can file a claim with the Pa. DOL.
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      Yes, I worked at home (in PA) for a company located in Florida. Thank you for your response!!


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        Payroll taxes tend to be based on where the work was done.
        - Sometimes for SIT taxes only, the state the employee lives in (if different from the worked state) also tries to put their hand out. This is legally complicated, involving "nexus", "reciprocity" and other issues, and is very specific to the actual states involved.
        - SUTA taxes are always a single state, generally the state where all/most the work is done. If that cannot be determined, there is a check list of rules under IRCA( the Interstate Reciprocal Coverage Agreement), but it is still only one state.
        - Local taxes are so confused and so different state to state that I would not try to generalize them.

        Payoll taxes are almost never based on where the employer's headquarters is located. About the only time that ever happens is for SUTA taxes where the IRCA #1 and #2 tests fail, something that has never happened to me.
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          Agree with Betty3.
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