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7 days on 7 days off / work 70hrs paid 80hrs..

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  • 7 days on 7 days off / work 70hrs paid 80hrs..

    16 years ago my employer (major NC hospital) implemented the Special Pay Practice program of 7 on 7 off /work 70 paid 80. The SPP was a tool created to recruit and retain professional staff on 3rd shift.

    July 1st, a memo was sent to these employees stating that the hospital was no longer able to financially support the SPP program. Employees would now be required to work 10 additional hours to maintain the current pay they have been receiving. 7 on 7 off will now become 8 on 6 off.. Asking 3rd shifters to work an additional 10 hour day without compensation. Analogous to working M-F 9 to 5 for 16 years and then being asked to stretch ones work week to Saturday without your paycheck being affected.

    Please advise the 24 graveyard shift workers who feel we are being treated unfairly by this health care provider who suddenly feels that the recruitment and retention of professional staff on third shift is no longer a priority.

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    Wait a minute. Work without compensation? How do you figure? Unfair does not equal illegal. If they can't afford to pay people for not working any more, they can certainly eliminate that perq.
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      Please tell me you didn't just complain that having to work 80 hours to get 80 hours pay was unreasonable and unfair.
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        Originally posted by cbg View Post
        Please tell me you didn't just complain that having to work 80 hours to get 80 hours pay was unreasonable and unfair.
        That was how I interpreted it too, but perhaps we misunderstood and the poster needs to better clarify what he/she intended to say?
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          Yes, please clarify. Are you saying you were working 70 hrs. but getting paid for 80 hrs. but now you have to work 80 hrs. to get paid 80 hrs. & you believe this is unfair? Thanks.
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