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deduction mess-up Minnesota

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  • deduction mess-up Minnesota

    Recently I was informed by my employer that due to a mistake in their
    paperwork system there was a period of about 3 years that they forgot to
    take money out of my paycheck for medical.

    I've been employed at this company for 9 years, and the first 6 years
    there was not a problem, the paperwork glitch happened just the last three years.

    Now they are sticking me with a huge bill or payment plan, which I am unable to pay.

    What is leagally acceptable for them or me to do?

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    My recollection is that Minnesota law states that no more than XX (10%?) can be deducted without your written authorization.

    Having said that, though, over three years, you never noticed or questioned the amount of the deductions? You should have known how much your contributions were; your enrollment information should have told you.
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      agreed. They can not deduct any monies without written consent. I also agree with Patty that you should always check your pay stub regardless if it's a direct deposit, live check or a correction check. What if the reverse had been true? That they were over deducting? If you don't check your stubs, how would you know? Ten dollars might not make itself visible if you not aware, but over time....
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        I bet if they were deducting too much the OP would have noticed.


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          One of my favorite cartoons from several years ago was an employee complaining to his boss that he was underpaid in his check.

          The boss said "that's because on your last check we overpaid you but you didn't say anything then". The employee responds "One mistake I can take but two is too much!"


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            Very cute.
            I don't respond to Private Messages unless the moderator specifically refers you to me for that purpose. Thank you.


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