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Deduction for speeding in company car, Legal? Arizona Arizona

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  • Deduction for speeding in company car, Legal? Arizona Arizona

    I am a limo driver and accidently went too fast (speed changed on Highway), my picture was taken by a speed trap camera along a freeway. I haven't even been served with the ticket yet since it was in a company vehicle. The ticket went straight to my boss and he deducted $100 from my paycheck as a penalty for speeding in one of his vehicles. Is it legal to charge me? I still have the ticket coming to pay too! Plus the deduction doesn't show on my paycheck, it's just $100 short, should it show the deduction?.

    I have read that the ticket isn't even legal unless a cop serves me with it since in Arizona it is the law that you have to be served. Can my boss charge me and make me pay??? any advice is very helpfull, I have checked out the AZ Labor law website and it's just not clear.

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    Did you get points assessed by DMV?
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      I can only answer the paychecks questions.

      Did yoiu sign anything authorizing the employer to make this deduction, either specifically or in an employee handbook that you had to sign for?

      Strangely enough, my reference shows that a statement of "earnings and deductions" is only required if paid via direct deposit in your state.
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        Thank you for responding, here's more detail

        No points were assessed, the ticket hasn't even been mailed to me yet.

        The handbook that was signed for was taken back after signing and I didn't read anything about the deduction while I had it but I have to ask for the book again and re-read. Thank you both for your help, I really appreciate it!


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