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Wife is the victim of questionable business practices, advice needed... Arizona

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  • Wife is the victim of questionable business practices, advice needed... Arizona

    First, i'd like to say that I think this place is amazing and I've already learned a lot. Thanks!

    Now, to the issue at hand... my wife has worked at a fast-food sushi resturaunt in Scottsdale, AZ for the past year. The manager violates many laws and it's becoming a serious issue for my wife. Just recently, one of the registers has been coming up short and my wife's job has been threatened. Any employee can access any register at any time without logging in or out. So, if my wife wants to take lunch or use the restroom, her register can be pilfered. There are no cameras. She has had to stop taking any breaks and when she asked the manager for a resolution to the problem, he was dismissive and told her that he could easily find someone else to fill the job if she didn't like it.

    Her manager is very neglectful and does not deal with issues when they come up. My wife was physically threatened and harassed by another female employee for months (even made a police report) and nothing was done by the manager. There have also been sexual harassment complaints towards one of the dishwashers and nothing has been done. Illegeal immigrants work there. Employees are forced to clock-out when they reach 40 hours and are expected to work-over.

    My wife is very quiet and shy and does not know how to speak up for herself. I have not gotten directly involved because I do not want her employer to be able to say I harassed him, etc. We have no money and if she were out of work for even a week, it would be a serious hardship.
    Where do we go from here?
    (Thx to all, in advance)

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    Your wife, NOT YOU, is free to file a complaint with the state DOL regarding being required to work off the clock. You have no standing to interfer in your wife's employment relationship. She can also contact the EEOC and/or the state Human Rights commission with regards to the sexual harassment.

    Breaks are not required by law in AZ.

    It is not illegal to threaten your wife's job with regards to the theft, even if it is unfair and even if she is not the one stealing.
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